Automatic updating android battery updating database asp

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Automatic updating android battery

For users who don’t use Android v.4.3 yet, the app without this function is released also.You can download the sources at Git Hub, or download the app from Google Play Store.You can easily find this mood in this link, there are tons of smart watches.But here is a simple way to evaluate smart watch’s future on your own. With Arduino micro-processor and Android, I made a simple smart watch and named it “Retro Watch“. Retro Watch is an open source project to let you make a smart watch based on Arduino and Android.Bluetooth One of most common bluetooth modules that you can get are HC-06 main module and the one with interface base board.The latter one has a reset button, the status LED, and it supports both operation voltage(3,3v/5v), so this one is more convenient but the size is rather big, the LED, which is not quite necessary drains the battery and a little more expensive. Display To make a SMART WATCH, it would be necessary to find a small, low-power display.

Release note Updated (20) : Retro Watch supports u8glib. YHKo Retro Watch is a simple system that is used a hardware platform called Arduino, which is intended for artists, designers, and hobbyst, and an Android app. Imagine a very small computer that you can wear on your wrist.

It runs at 8MHz and a 5v version at 16MHz, but 8MHz is enough.

Overall, all you need to prepare are Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v and USB to UART module.

I’ll install an Android app for collecting or editing various RSS and system information and for notification on the Android device.

You need to prepare modules as small as possible to wear the watch on your wrist.

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