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Everyone knows the story about the love triangle between Ryan Leslie, Cassie and Diddy…It’s because of Ryan Leslie why we know who Cassie is and he’s the one who introduced her to Puff… After being black balled by Diddy, Ryan was giving a developer conference in London and while talking he decided to talk about the time Diddy took his girl…Anthony Ryan Leslie (born September 25, 1978), professionally known as Ryan Leslie, is an American recording artist and record producer from Washington, D. Leslie has produced singles for a number of prominent artists in a variety of genres, ranging from R&B and hip hop to pop and gospel.From 2005–2006, he had his most commercial success to date with Next Selection/Bad Boy singer Cassie, when they released her debut single, "Me & U".Ryan later switched to piano because his overbite made it difficult to get proper embouchure on a brass instrument.At Harvard, he joined the Krokodiloes, an a cappella group.After lighting up the Billboard Hot 100 with her debut single "Me & U" in 2006, Cassie appeared primed and ready to become one of R&B's premier acts.With a Top 3 single, a talented producer in Ryan Leslie and a co-sign from Puff Daddy in tow, the sky was the limit for the then 19-year-old.

With her music career at a standstill, she pursued acting and made her debut in 2008 with Still, Cassie's music career remained in limbo.As the semesters progressed, Leslie spent more and more time in the school's studio molding his craft.After graduating college, Leslie urged his parents to allow him to go into the music industry.Most of us were pretty realistic — we're Harvard students; this music stuff is fun, but this isn't the future. During his freshman year at Harvard, Leslie devoted many hours per week to creating and developing music in a studio basement on campus.But Ryan always had a ten-year plan about how he was going to take over the music industry.” While still a college student, Leslie began producing tracks for local Boston artists, and molding his image, which Matthew found unconvincing: “He had this pseudo-sexual, thugged-out Lothario thing. He taught himself basic production skills and also developed a musical style of his own.

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At an early age, Leslie taught himself how to play the piano.

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