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Many companies nowadays rely on technology to avoid the trouble that accompanies handling NCI, ICE, and more.

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No intercompany receivables, payables, investments, capital, revenue, cost of sales, or profits and losses are recognised in consolidated financial statements until they are realised through a transaction with an unrelated party.

The total amount of unrealised profits/loss to be eliminated in intercompany transactions does not vary regardless of whether the subsidiary is wholly-owned (non-controlling interest, NCI, does not exist) or partially owned.

Unlike previous studies carried out on this topic, which measure the general accounting harmonization for private sector, our study focuses on a specific issue, namely the formal accounting harmonization between IFRS and US GAAP regulations regarding consolidated financial statements.

The research methodology used for achieving our objective was based on some statistical tools, such as correlation and/or association coefficients.

Thus, profit/loss will be visible to the parent’s shareholders only, and not to the minority interest’s.

Intra-group activities The impact of any intra-group activities must be cancelled out in the consolidated financial statements.

Consolidated financial statements use the same underlying format as single entity financial statements, so you do not need to learn new formats for consolidated financial statements.

The result reveals that IFRS have substantially converged with US GAAP, at least in the area of consolidated financial reporting, but there still exist some differences between the two referentials.

Tracking intercompany transactions is perceived as one of the most common problems with financial consolidation Intercompany transactions are transactions that happen between two entities of the same company.

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: This is a transaction between two subsidiaries of the same company.

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