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she has a beautiful soul and I'm honored to deliver her story to you! I was natural until I was about 13 and then got my hair permed, weirdly.I didn't really look after my hair before that and didn't know that it would actually grow 'curly' on its own.I don't really mush it, I don't want to disturb the curls too much.If I'm doing my hair and I just washed it 4 days ago, I won't wash it with shampoo at all.In the world of natural hair, there are tons of community and celebrity hair idols floating around.

You just have to give it time, plus it's growing in a spiral and it's takes a bit to show length. It's fun and inspiring to talk to other creative people. She had this very beautiful afro and the other black girls were like, 'I think your hair is cute and all but when you become a lawyer no one is going to take you seriously because of your hair', and she was like, 'yeah I know I'm going to have to change it when I become a lawyer'. So the thing I love about is that when you click on a picture, you find that this person is the CEO of a company, or a journalist, or the creator of a website!

And because it didn't have a lot of length, it curled really easily and I thought, I'm just gonna keep it like this. I remember I used to twist the front and the rest would be in this baby afro and then as it got longer and longer, I'd wind it around my fingers to make more of ringletly type curls. What I do now is wash it, put the conditioner in and detangle it with a big paddle brush which takes 40 minutes... I do it from the ends to the roots and then I put it in 4 or so plaits-- I plait the front section and then one in the crown and two at the sides. it has to be a day where you're just hanging out at home. You put them where you want them, in the direction you want your hair to go in... So yeah, you just make the big plaits and dry your hair in those. He does Emily Sande's hair, this girl that just came out, she has an awesome shaved, blonde height. He loves Afro hair, he loves the texture and he never tries to change it or work against it.

When I take them down, it's in those loose kinks from the plaits, but it's still a bit wet, so then my natural curl kind of comes back in a bit and it's a combination between those kind of kinks and my normal curls. A lot of stylists tried drying my hair with a blow dryer, but it makes it straight. He'll think really careful how it curls and how to cut it...

even how at one point, she wanted to start a natural hair site!

It was a challenge tracking her down but it was so worth it...

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