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Cory kennedy dating klaxons

On June 8, 2013, Wong Fu Productions celebrated their 10 year anniversary and produced a 13 minute short on June 29 featuring Christine Chen, the surrounding cast of Wong Fu, and many familiar faces, including Ryan Higa, Dominic Sandoval (D-Trix), Kevin Wu (Kev Jumba), Freddie Wong, Brandon Laatsch, Joe Penna (Mystery Guitar Man) and The Fung Brothers.

On July 23, 2013 Wong Fu Productions launched a second channel titled "More Wong Fu" which is described as "Home of Lunch Break, WF Recess, Failed It, FIRST, bloopers, behind the scenes, and special features.

more Wong Fu." Wong Fu has begun to add onto their team of creators, adding Taylor Chan as Senior Editor, Ashley Matsunami as Producer, Benson Quach as an Editor / Assistant Director, Christopher Yang as an Editor / Director of Photography, and Jennifer Le as a Graphic Designer / Social Media Manager.

There could well be a catfight in the Geldof household over Klaxons frontman Jamie Reynolds.

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The Geldof girls' dad Bob might have a bit of mediating to do this morning...

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