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The views from the summit to the 'Back o' Skiddaw' and those on the descent over Derwentwater to the rest of the Lake District National Park are awesome. If a narcissist and his latest supply walk into a bar and the narcissist gets drunk, and then disorderly and is thrown out of the bar, whose fault is it?(Mundy) encourages women on first dates to “own up to your accomplishments, buy him a drink, and tell him what you really do.” Her book is based on recent research that shows that while lower-income women are marrying less often, ladies in the top earning percentile are getting wedded in droves — their marriage rates have increased by ten percentage points.” Amen.Men really do like smart, strong, successful women.So “owning up to your accomplishments and buying him a drink” is probably not the best strategy for such successful men. 2) You may not have any respect for men who make less than you. Because if there’s one thing that men figured out long ago, it’s that if you’re a successful man, you don’t need to marry a woman for her money. So, if we’re going to embrace the notion of women being equal to (or greater than) men, you can’t just say it’s all on men to suck it up and not feel emasculated because you’re successful.You can marry her for love, kindness, support, laughter, attraction, values, children, respect. It’s your job to stop looking down on men who have lower-paying careers.And before you tell me that this is okay because women have traditionally done this to men, let me state that I don’t think it’s acceptable for a woman to behave in this way, either.

Read the article here and share your thoughts in the comments below. They start out by being grateful and delighted that I have financial means and that slowly changes to feeling entitled to tell me how to spend my money and resentful.

In analyses of personal ads, 80 per cent of women state they want to meet a man who is 6ft or taller.

Men who indicate in their personal ads that they are tall have also been shown to receive far more responses from women.

This route to the summit of Skiddaw is by far the easiest route to the summit of a three thousand foot mountain in England.

The route is mostly along an obvious path then a wide track to the summit, making it only moderately difficult in good weather.

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Other studies show women prefer tall men as husbands and put an even greater emphasis on height in shorter-term sex partners.