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Dating an orthodox seminarian

The other priestly track requires the aescetic sacrifice of celibacy, perceived in the Church as a form of martyrdom.

Heterosexual men are more likely to play the field, and heterosexual women must compete for men’s attention.Some parishes are too small to pay wages and benefits adequate to support a family.Thus, unlike their Catholic counterparts, some of our priests serve their church part-time while pursuing secular means of earning a living.Paul’s instruction that our spiritual leaders be married to only one woman.Thus, if a priest’s wife dies (or there is a divorce), he can never remarry and remain a priest; in such circumstances, he is also expected to be celibate. Some bishops have been married, and entered monastic life after being widowed.

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f anyone had asked me what I thought about Eastern Orthodoxy before I converted, I would have said it was basically a popeless Catholic Church, except that its priests can marry. While there are certainly important similarities between the theologies of world’s largest and second-largest Christian Churches—for example, our understanding of the nature of Communion—there are also crucial differences that still impede reunification more than a thousand years after the tragedy of the Great Schism.

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