Dating profile makeovers

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Dating profile makeovers

Meet Moe and get styled in three different outfits from Gotstyle for .

Three separate photos will be taken of you in and around the King West area on your own phone/camera. On top of that, purchases made during the appointment get 10% off. Scroll down to check out some of our happy customers!

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Stacy shows photos and video of her fashion victims to strangers on the street, who critique the participants' style in a recording that is later played back for them.

The minute I saw it, I went into the studio, listened to the whole record and it gave the whole thing a context.

After they're given a beauty overhaul and some serious wardrobe guidance, they're re-assessed by the jury, who almost always let them off the hook for their previous fashion faux pas.

More » Stacy London has parlayed her success from ' What Not to Wear' into a second act on TLC with ' Love, Lust, or Run.' On the show, which premiered on January 30, 2014, Stacy meets with women who are having trouble finding a personal style that suits them.

The team then creates a plan of attack, with Tim showing the fashion victim how great they could look with a few minor changes.

A shopping trip, some fresh makeup, and a better haircut later and they're ready to wow their friends and family with their new look.

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Fashion victims from all over the country are nominated by their families and friends for a makeover on TLC's ' What Not to Wear.' Participants are flown New York City, where they must face outspoken style gurus Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.

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