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Dating techniques of the earth

Job 12:8 says "speak to the earth, and it will teach thee." Secular and Christian scientists, outside of a religious framework, have examined God's creation, and it says, "I'm 13.7 billion years old." Nowhere in the Bible does it state that the days of creation are 24-hour days.

Young earth creation science advocates will argue over the correct translation of "day." The translation of "day" is irrelevant. Only human arrogance would insist on limiting God, an infinite being, to a finite 24-hour day.

In fact, I don't mind if you ignore all Carbon-14 evidence.

It doesn't matter...remember context, context, context. The next section, Many Physical Evidences Contradict the 'Billions of Years", presents other examples used by young earth creationism.

Since my specialty is geology, I won’t try to argue against items outside of geology... Within geology, one argument used is evidence for the rapid formation of geological strata The rest of the article is interesting, but not critical.

We know the limitations of Carbon-14..course, this doesn't prevent the author from doing a little mud-slinging at the old earth geologist!Can we rely on the radiometric dates, we can't.Geologists know that the dates are not perfect, that's why you will see research articles trying to determine the age of a rock, and there will be ten, twenty, or more samples that were dated.The author uses the verse from Job, 'Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? To the author I say, "Where were you when God laid the foundations of the earth? So you can't "assume" a 6,000-year-old earth, just like we can't "assume" a 13.7 billion year old universe.What we have to decide this issue is the evidence from God's creation, and not our assumptions.

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