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Remember Megan in Biology class who always got A’s because of her intricate research?

ALL women are Megans when it comes to finding out about potential suitors and could be scared off by your XXX BABEZ.

The two titans of terrible customer service haven't won many fans with tricky pricing, amateur tech support and the annihilation of Alderaan.

I found her account when Twitter notified me that several accounts I follow (crew members) had started following her.

The Mythical Crew page was updated recently with a handful of new faces: https:// I noticed that Josh Scherer, one of the food producers, has been added to the page--but Tess Middlebrook is not on the page.

With sites such as EHarmony, OKCupid and even Grindr popping up, many people are finding their “romantic” partners on the world wide interwebs.

However, there is one website that wasn’t intentionally created for romance, but is becoming the trending destination for hook ups. Twitter accounts can be personality Cliffs Notes in getting to know someone.

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I'm thinking of starting a series of fanart of the beloved Good Mythical Krew!

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