Ether saga dating

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Ether saga dating

(ENG: The Will to Power) is a role-playing video game developed by Monolith Soft and published by Namco for the Play Station 2; the game was released in 2002 in Japan and 2003 in North America.

It is the first entry in the Xenosaga trilogy, and forms part of the wider Xeno metaseries. S.; combat in turn features a system of button combinations for attack types, and multiple leveling systems.

The ship picks up a Zohar Emulator, one of thirteen replicas of the original Zohar, created by Joachim Mizrahi.

Forced to escape a Gnosis attack and head for the planet of Second Miltia, Shion and KOS-MOS are pulled into a fight between the Galaxy Federation and the hostile U-TIC Organization.

During the course of the game, a database is unlocked that documents the game's story events and terminology.

The player can access several mini-game "plug-in" systems through Shion's portable console, and an e-mail system that allows players to make playful decisions that have little significance to the main plot.

In addition, characters can perform Ether moves, powerful attacks and support actions which drain their Ether Points (EP).

Both player and some enemy party members also have a "Boost" meter, which when full allows that character to perform an additional action while taking away an opponent's turn.

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The console can also be used to access to cleared areas of the game; these grant access to side quests separate from the main storyline.

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