Find indian single dating in switzerland

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Find indian single dating in switzerland

The Indian Association Lausanne, started in the year 1995, did exist but was marked by a period of dormancy." All this recently changed, as new members with a renewed vigor and ambition came together to form a new executive team to kick-off initiatives and activities like never before.

Velan is one such proud member of the executive team.

The association strives to bring harmony amongst all Indians in the region.

According to Velan, the aim is not just to bring together Indians to have fun but also to communicate information for better integration with the Swiss and their way of living.

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The club, in association with other Indian associations also conducts various cultural and sports events.

The club has a membership of 85 families who come from all over Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

It also regularly provides information on upcoming events in Switzerland.

He fell in love with the way of life here and has never looked back.

He shared with me, "Initially, language and cultural differences were a deterrent, so we were looking for familiar faces to help us.

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She and her husband own a restaurant and a catering service in Biel.

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