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Fitness dating baton rouge

Authorities arrested Katrice Belezaire, 34, on second-degree murder early Monday morning.According to her arrest report, Belezaire told police she stabbed Mc Keel in the chest with a kitchen knife after he "walked up" on her during an argument inside her house.After homicides reached a record high for East Baton Rouge Parish in 2017, New Year's Eve was similarly plagued with violence both before and after midnight, leaving two men dead between Sunday night and Monday morning.

But the six killings between Friday afternoon and Monday morning have effectively reversed that trend. Sunday to reports of a possible stabbing at 4949 Lorraine St. Benjamin Mc Keel, 38, was transported to the hospital with critical injuries and died soon after, Baton Rouge police spokesman Sgt. The previous record for the most intentional and unjustified killings was 96 in 2007, according to FBI statistics dating back more than five decades.In reality, an attractive woman wouldn't be on unless they were absolutely miserable and lonely af. I used to think the same way, but one of my wife's close friends who is very attractive and smart met her soon to be husband on match. By all accounts she seems like a normal person and her fiance is a cool dude. I met a lovely woman who I carried on a lovely relationship with on match. What you guys think, she has crazy written all over her LINK I wanted you guys to watch the video, the ending freaks me out every time.Added pic below Edit for pic Image: M/She represents the typical profile: great life, never been happier, traveled to every country, has a great family, only thing missing is you.

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“I was born in Ruston, raised in Loranger and went to school in Baton Rouge,” she says, with the faintest hint of an accent.