Fox8 tv dating in the dark

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Carmelita appeared to stop Sly from escaping with an INTERPOL file on the Fiendish Five.

After Sly's escape, she pursued him to each of the Fiendish Five members' locations, her first captive being Sir Raleigh.

After graduating from the Police Academy with honors she began working for the Investigative Services Division of INTERPOL. At an unknown point in her career, Carmelita became acquainted with Constable Neyla and The Contessa.

When Inspector Barkley was nearing retirement, he wanted to know he was passing his department into the right hands.

For securing the opera house, protecting the Diva Diamond and arresting Pierre, Carmelita was given a promotion by Barkley.

This would be the first time of many that she and Sly would encounter each other.

Angry about how the intruder had made her look the fool in front of her boss, she stormed off in search of him.

She searched backstage for any traces of the raccoon.

At a young age, she studied at Sleuth Academy and graduated at the top of her class.So he gave Carmelita, his rookie protégée and the number one candidate for the job, the task of securing the Parisian Opera House and protecting the Diva Diamond, a diamond owned by opera singer Pachyderma Tuskaninny.While patrolling the roof, Carmelita found a raccoon looking at a map and overlooking the city.Agreeing to the terms of a temporary truce, Carmelita aided him in his final war against Clockwerk during their battle above the Krakarov Volcano.She gave him cover-fire when he dashed to retrieve his cane by venturing into Clockwerk's installation.

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Barkley screamed at Carmelita at the top of his lungs, reducing her to tears.