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It works in a similar way to the freezing treatment used by chiropodists and doctors, but cannot reach the very low temperatures that their equipment achieves. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.2009;20(22):20–6). Then leave the verruca uncovered overnight, and reapply the tape in the morning. Tea tree oil, applied twice daily on its own or mixed with garlic juice, is said to have an effect. A tincture made from Chelidonium (the Greater Celandine) is said to be antiviral and to damage wart cells.

Do not try scraping a verruca away with a corn knife. Also, the verucca will come back and others may occur nearby in the damaged skin.

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Comments on this article Posted by Optional on 22/06/2016 at Get mykored. My 4yr old had a massive verruca that caught on his shoes, we tried everything else for months. Posted by Optional on 11/06/2016 at Im very concerned.

Most chiropodists advise against do-it-yourself treatment, and prefer to be consulted when the verruca is small and easier for them to deal with.2009;20(22):20–6). Before using the paint or gel, soak your foot in warm water for 5 minutes, and then rub the surface of the verruca with a pumice stone. Some have built-in padding to deflect pressure from the verruca.There is lots of papillomavirus around, and many people carry it on the surface of their skin.It does not cause any harm unless it penetrates into the skin, where it can take hold and cause a wart.However, you are very unlikely to get a verruca if your skin is undamaged.If you want to minimize the risk, wear flip-flops in the shower area. They are easily confused with corns and calluses, which are thickened areas of skin caused by friction.

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I have read no end of articles and tried numerous remedies in that time (freezing, Bazucca, Thuja, Revitol, tea tree oil, sallicylic acid and so on).

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