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Our setting takes place 20 years after a great war between the Hyrulean and Dragmiran armies...THE DARK HOUR Welcome to our writing, community the dark hour is an adult mature writing site for creative and fantasy writing.RRP is devoted to letting the users run the site, letting you choose what you want to see on the...Pan is a community for role play & collaborative fiction.The undercover operation in Australia, Operation Artemis, was part of a wide-ranging international police investigation. Here are some of the latest articles: Grandmother to abused child blaming Homeland Security for the assault (Jan.09, 2018) No word to Scandinavian police about potential child abusers after Australian police sting (Dec. Role-play, attend classes, collect Chocolate Frogs Cards... An active roleplaying community based loosely on a brand new RP website, make it what you want it to be. Enjoy being able to have a character that grows from an academy student to a legendary shinobi.

VG has uncovered not only computer the forum was run. VG can now reveal that Task Force Argos infiltrated the realm of child abusers inside the dark web for almost a year – and that the police unit itself shared photos of children being sexually abused. How many wrongs should investigators be permitted to commit in pursuit of justice?Once wrapped, the package is sent from you to a chain of nodes.Each node decrypts one layer of the onion, which grants the node information about where the package will go next. Under their supervision, thousands of members have shared photos and videos of children being sexually abused. At this point the two have been running the Childs Play website for three months.

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We cover all genres: historical, fantasy, contemporary, science fiction, horror, & fanfic.

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