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Even the White House has gotten into the act with its Obama Facebook chatbot.

These insurance giants realize that consumer behavior is continuing to shift away from desktop research and shopping to mobile research and shopping.

As chatbots become better at imitating humans, the technology will be used by hackers in phishing schemes and other social engineering hacks.

For example, a chatbot designed to imitate a customer or a vendor could strike up a conversation with an employee through a messaging app.

Be Aware of the Chatbot’s Channel Encryption For maximum security, chatbot communication should be encrypted, and chatbots should be deployed only on encrypted channels.

While these sound like obvious safeguards, unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

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After a few back-and-forth messages, the chatbot convinced the men to click on a link to become “Tinder verified.” The link required that they input their credit card information, at which time they were unwittingly signed up for a recurring online porn subscription.

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