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James loney dating

James Loney is good at drunk driving on the 101 freeway in LA and grounding in to double plays, that's it.

Edit Your Profile report abuse delete Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, GMT I go to school with James' cousin and he confirmed that James is married. Figuring they won't make the post season this year, they're focusing on next year so what Loney does or doesn't do for the Red Sox doesn't matter. Unloading all those big salaries and developing a more stable clubhouse is the focus of the Sox.

MIAMI — Powerball was alive and well in South Florida on Friday, with a new number emerging to make the Mets feel like a million dollars. 28 since his arrival earlier this week — can at least say his 100th career homer was a big one.

“I told these guys, ‘Thanks for all the years we’ve been through,’ ” Loney said after the Mets beat the Marlins 6-2 to snap a two-game skid.

haha ay ay ay ay ay all u guys nd girls needa back off james anthony loney has is nd will be mine.have so much in common cant wait to meet em in august.is truly the man of my dreams i think bout him 24/7 i know everything there is to now bout him hes all over my room ...

No, he isn't a "great player." He's a 1st baseman who has below average power and has an OBP around league average.

god dayyum ur such a liar ahahaha omg this chick hes mine so stop dreaming because hes has been mine lol we've been dating for 3 yrs sooo stop inventing ishh ok aha he is nd will be mine James and I have been together for 15 months. He's a good defenseman, but I'd rather have a 1st baseman that can hit the ball.

Thank you Boston for taking this curse, he might become a great player elsewhere but he CLEARLY cannot do so as a Dodger. i am still star struck from when i first met him i cant beleive he signed my shirt nd was less than 1 cm away from me he is truly the man of my dreams so everyone just needs to back off cuz hes tooken ... I am not an actress or singern but am very well known in the Hollywoood scene. we've met more than once && all the time he tells me im pretty :).

love your boo vikki loney ay ay ay ay ay he has is nd will be mine .. i know all there is to know about him && i am truelyy in lovee with him.

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Ozuna crushed a 99-mph fastball for a homer leading off the second that put the Mets in a 1-0 hole.

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