Jewish dating services in israel

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Jewish dating services in israel

That sudden shift has some accusing the group of simply trying to gain the approval of Ivanka's dad, President Donald Trump.And not just President Trump, but also his senior advisor and Ivanka's husband Jared Kushner, who will reportedly be focusing on Israel-Palestinian affairs during his time in the White House.Ivanka Trump's family were to visit Israel and for the official Jewish authorities in Israel to not recognize their Judaism,' said Kaplan.As for Zeitler, she acknowledged it was 'a little fishy' that the rabbis were suddenly interested in changing the rules on conversions.'On the other hand, I'm happy that Trump is president, and that this may change things in the system,' she said, speaking from her small apartment in the central Israeli city of Petah Tikva, where she lives with her husband.

Its Greek name, “Taricheae,” means “place where fish are salted,” possibly alluding to the main source of income of the city’s inhabitants two millennia ago.“It is mentioned in Jewish sources and, at the time of the destruction of the Second Temple, it served as Josephus’s main military base in his war against the Romans in the Galilee,” the IAA said in a statement.

The decision by Israel's chief rabbis to recognize the Jewish conversion of Ivanka Trump could have a far-reaching impact on others who decide to join the faith abroad.

In early December, the group announced a 'new proposed plan' that if passed would mean that Ivanka's 'conversion will be certified without the need for additional checks.' This despite the fact that just a few months earlier, in July, this same group refused to recognize the conversion of Nicole Zeitler, who not only underwent a program similar to Ivanka's but also studied under the same spiritual guide, Rabbi Haskel Lookstein.

'My biggest fear is that the rabbinate will find some way to find Ms.

Trump kosher, to recognize her conversion, but leave thousands of other converts behind, simply saying they're not Jewish enough for us.' That is not the case however according to spokesman Pinchas Tennenbaum, who said: 'Even before Ivanka Trump, it was talked about.'The issue reached a boiling point last year when an Israeli rabbinical court refused to recognize the conversion of a 31-year-old American, Nicole Zeitler.

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Dina Avshalom-Gorni, the chief archeologist on behalf of the IAA, said the incense shovel that was found is one of only 10 others that are known in the country from the Second Temple period.“From early research in the world, it was thought that the incense shovel was only used for ritual purposes; care for the embers and incense that were burnt in ritual ceremonies,” she said.