Kanyakumari dating

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Kanyakumari dating

The famous battle of Colachel took place in the district.Later, the maharajahs of Travancore built the forts at Aramboly to prevent any invasion from the Carnatic.An extreme agitation by Tamil speaking residents under the leadership of Marshal Nesamony took place for including Kanyakumari within Tamil Nadu.Eventuallythe merger happened in 1956 based on language reorganization of states.Under their rule anarchy was dominant in Kanyakumari region.

Before his reign the Samanthan Nairs ruled the province.

The Presidency was later renamed Tamil Nadu and Kanyakumari, today, is one of the 32 districts of Tamil Nadu state.

Many historical assumptions persist in the district and state, which associate sages such as Vyasa, Agastya, Tolkappiyar, Avvaiyar and Thiruvalluvar to the district. The area that comprises the current Kanyakumari district was a part of the old Ay kingdom of the first and second Sangham ages.

The district has borders with Tirunelveli district, the Gulf of Mannar, the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Thiruvananthapuram District (Kerala).

Kanyakumari includes the special grade village of Chinnamuttom, located at the southernmost point of the Indian Subcontinent.

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Kanyakumari district is the southernmost district in Tamil Nadu state and mainland India.