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The sale of child abuse live streams over legitimate chat sites or video chat apps is much harder to trace than when the abuse is sold from a website."The research shows that the live streaming of abuse for payment is no longer an emerging trend but an established reality," the report said.

However, for many women in Thailand, there is not yet an economic alternative to an industry which plays an invisible but vital role at the very bottom of Thai society.Philippine police recently busted a pedophile ring that streamed live sex involving children as young as 6, the report said.Police rescued 15 victims aged between 6 and 15, and arrested 29 people including gang members and people who allegedly paid to watch the abuse in 13 countries.Every night in Bangkok behind the neon scenes and the sounds of a bustling metropolis, hundreds of thousands of Thai women walk to work in the city's sex industry.Bangkok, although it does not have the biggest sex industry in the world or even Asia unfortunately has this name.

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Social-media extortion cases have been cropping up across the world in recent years as more and more people continue to use video messaging apps or Web sites such as We Chat, Facebook, Skype or Kijiji.

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