Parker posey dating history

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Parker posey dating history

, indie film goddess Parker Posey discussed seven "iconic Parker Posey characters" she’s played over the years.Her take on the career-defining roles was just as smart, funny, and kooky as the characters themselves. Jackie O in “What people say about that performance is ‘I don’t know anyone who can play crazy like you can,’ which I consider a big compliment.Adams says he put a weekend of studio time on his credit card and walked out with an 11-song record. Adams revealed a flair for poetry and short fiction with his two books ‘Hello Sunshine’ and ‘Infinity Blues’.

In “Lola Versus,” Gerwig tackles the biggest role of her three films opening this season, as the titular New Yorker who on the verge of turning 30, is dumped unceremoniously by her fiance. I’m just really happy I didn’t get cut from the film. Well I just thought, this definitely means I didn’t get hired. I did think a lot about what I was going to wear, because I thought if Woody Allen is going to look at your for two seconds, what do you wear? But yeah making the movie was really exciting but very scary. The driver who drove me, Jesse and Ellen was named Spartacus, which was a completely exciting name. She’s in the shower and she thinks he has a ring and is proposing to her, and she’s crying.That is unforgettable, and says a lot about their relationship.” 4.Clash unearths ten facts you might not know about Ryan Adams. The once self-deprecating Ryan Adams did a load of speedballs (a mixture of heroin and cocaine), took pills and then drank from the recording of ‘Love Is Hell’ all the way to the completion of ‘29’.He says it is a miracle he did not die during this extended period of substance abuse. Contrary to popular belief Adams never dated Alanis Morissette or Winona Ryder.

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