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Onwards, with the new lighthouse in sight you will pass a cottage with a square ‘watchtower’.

This was a lookout and contact point for the local ‘pilots’ who were responsible for the navigation of shipping through the channel but now forms part of the dwelling within.

I digress – there were many watchtowers along the coast to observe any potential attack on England and the building here at Dungeness (now a smart Bed and Breakfast house – see ‘Where to Stay‘) was just one of the many observation posts.

The road then meanders for a mile and a half ending at the old lighthouse and security fencing around the nuclear power station.

From the 1920’s nets were supplied pre-treated and so the ‘Tanning Day’ died a natural death.

We used to have a ‘May Day open day’ on the beach – but it always rains on May Day – maybe there Tanning Day could be resurrected!!!

Prior to this members of the family used to haul the boats onto the beach by hand.

The lifeboat, part of the self-funding National Lifeboat Institution, provides an invaluable service to distressed mariners on one of the worlds busiest seaways.

This is not Napoleon Solo of the ‘sixties’ but the other European, diminutive, Napoleon who, in the early 1780’s was sitting across the English Channel awaiting the opportunity to sail across and conquer this little Island.

Fortunately we excelled at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 and we, fortunately, still speak English.

Before you enter the gates of the Estate proper you may observe to your right a row of cottages and a squarish building at right angles.

These are the original coast guard cottages and part of the original watchtower, dating back to Napoleonic times.

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This house not only attracts the attention of many followers of Derek’s works but keen gardeners.