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Radiometric dating moon rocks

Don’t be misled by claims that hundreds of thousands of layers of glacial ice can be counted, and therefore the ice age began hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The standard explanation is that lava (called at depths of about 60 miles, but how did it get there? A key fact to remember is that at depths greater than about 5 miles, pressures are so great that all empty channels through which magma might rise should be squeezed shut.Other “bent” rocks are small enough to hold in one’s hand.The tiny, crystalline grains in those folds are not stretched. Click here to order the hardbound 8th edition (2008) and other materials.How could warm oceans exist with cold atmospheric temperatures?

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Hidden is the simple fact that less than 2,000 true annual layers can be counted—even with magnification. But what force could push a long, thick slab of rock and cause it to buckle and sometimes fold back on itself?

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