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Robert hoffman dating ali cobrin

When his schedule permits, Greg enjoys teaching filmmaking which has included instructing underprivileged youths through his association with SWAMP.

He founded the Fifth Ward Young Filmmakers' Project in 1992 receiving recognition from the Mayor of for his public service and contribution to the community.

He’s either too close to the material that it’s precious for him and uninteresting for the rest of us, or real life was just as boring as the basic cable ready movie that was inspired by it. Whatever the reason(s), Lap Dance is truly terrible.

Recent college grad Monica (Ali Cobrin) and beau Kevin (Robert Hoffman) are headed to Los Angeles to realize their dreams of being an actress and screenwriter, respectively.

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Greg recently participated in a youth filmmaker instruction program installation at the MFAH with producer and friend Elizabeth Avellan of Troublemaker Studios.

("Dysfunctional Friends"), on which Greg served as Producer, was released theatrically in 2012 by Image Entertainment and is currently airing on BET.

Kevin cozies up to another dancer when it’s required for he and Monica to have a fight.

Chicago gets Monica away from Kevin temporarily, but the “coming to her senses” moment is abrupt and absurd. Cobrin was enjoyable enough saccharine in a small supporting role in American Reunion, but is almost unbearable here.

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