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Associating work items to your changesets in TFS have always been one of the more powerful features.

Not in itself, but in the traceability that this gives us.

So here is a list of 10 features in TFS that I get questions about regularly or that I have noticed a lot of teams don’t know about.

It is by no means exhaustive, and it is a mixture of smaller and larger features, but hopefully you will find something here that you didn’t know about before.

But over the years the web access in TFS has become so much better so that most people do all their work related to work item management there.

If you plan to configure Share Point Products, you must be a member of the Farm Administrators group on the Share Point Products administration site.

If you did not install the Database Engine that will host the configuration database or a database administrator manages the instance of SQL Server that you are using, you must be a member of sysadmin Server role in SQL Server.

Without this, we would have to rely on check-in comments from the developers to understand the reason for a particular change, not always easy when you look at changes that were done a few years back!

When using Git repos in TFS, and you use the Git integration in Visual Studio you have the same functionality that lets you associate a work item to a commit, either by using a work item query or by specifying a work item ID.

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They obviously can’t use Visual Studio for committing their changes to TFS.

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