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After a month of hunting for work, Vitaly received a call asking him to come for an interview.

He was given the address but the caller failed to mention the name of the company.

He also found himself coming to the rescue of any clueless, new arrivals to the team.

The expectation was to rewrite 20 articles, of around 800 words, each day.

'I would never work as a lawyer in this shrashkina kontora [a swindler's outfit],' she yelled.

When it came to Vitaly's turn, he was interviewed by a woman of about 30, called Anna.

The 23-year-old was left floundering in an expensive city and bombarded every publication he could think of with his resume.

He was told no, that the stories should be 'neutral'.

Then came a test: Vitaly was asked to rewrite any news story about Ukraine which he found online and stick to the facts. Vitaly had been working as a journalist at, a politics-focused news site in St Petersburg, in 2014 until funding was cut off after six months.

The computer work stations were angled so that everyone could see what you were writing at all times.

Once he was inside, Anna, who turned out to be his boss, explained he was on the 'Ukraine 2' project – writing articles for a site called ua.

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He was also unable to remember which of his applications had led to the opportunity.

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