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This can help with usability testing responsive websites on an i Pad, but it does not help with usability testing mobile apps.

So far, we’ve discussed moderated remote usability testing tools, but I’ve also been asked about ways to record in-person studies using the mobile device itself rather than a webcam.

The first part of the article will focus on mobile testing tools for moderated usability studies.This setup can be complicated to arrange, so User Testing offers the use of a panel of users who have their systems configured to access any remote mobile studies.If using a panel for a study is a viable option for your business, then User could be a good fit.If not, recruiting your own users is possible, but would require you to send your users a webcam or two and have them configure their systems in a specific way.In addition to being able to see a user’s mobile screen directly (via a webcam or screen sharing), another way to provide remote moderated usability testing is through the combination of mirroring and video conferencing.

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This process poses some challenges for smart phone studies because the user must have a service provider that allows for voice and data use at the same time (AT&T, 4GLTE, or Wi-Fi,) or they must have access to another phone.