Updating i 9 documents

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How to update the Form I-9: If the employee has officially changed their name via marriage, divorce, or other official reason, a Section 3 Entry should be used to document the change.

The name used on the Form I-9 should always match the name on their Social Security Card.

These documents together qualify as List A documents.

However, as TPS is generally tied to a specific natural or political crisis, it is difficult to anticipate how long TPS will be granted for each country.

Therefore, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will regularly extend a country’s TPS designation and automatically extend the employment authorization documents (EADs) for TPS employees.

The Handbook is designed to instruct employers on the essential I-9 employment verification procedures.

It is an essential resource for employers as the primary source of instruction available from the government covering the process of completion and retention of the Form I-9 - a deceivingly complicated form.

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Each updated version of the Handbook has made increasing efforts to clarify earlier instructions and advise employers on the many confusing scenarios that arise when verifying the identity and employment authorization of a newly hired employee.

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