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Validating protein biomarkers november

Biomarkers are significant because they indicate disease onset and/or progression in several therapeutic areas including cancer, neurodegenerative, endocrinology, wellness & nutrition, and cardiovascular research.

Discovering biomarkers which point to clear indicators of disease has always been a problematic.

To accomplish this validation, we used 2D chromatography coupled with SRM of candidate peptides.

We applied this approach, called sequential analysis of fractionated eluates by SRM (SAFE-SRM), to plasma from cancer patients and discovered two peptides encoded by the peptidyl-prolyl isomerase A (PPIA) gene whose abundance was increased in the plasma of ovarian cancer patients.

At optimal thresholds, elevated levels of at least one of these two peptides was detected in 43 (68.3%) of 63 women with ovarian cancer but in none of 50 healthy controls.

“The study found that this dual-protein biomarker test was highly predictive of preterm birth with statistically significant results early in pregnancy.

These data demonstrate the powerful role proteomics can play in giving physicians a new tool to predict early an individual woman’s risk of spontaneous preterm birth.” The 11-site PAPR study enrolled 5,501 pregnant women representative of the United States population. “The Pre TRM test assesses the risks of women earlier in pregnancy and helps physicians to make more proactive decisions in the care of mothers and babies.

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