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Validating windows media player 11

Each player only gets one, and if you lose it, it’s game over!

It is a live stream of AMC’s on-air content, available on

Siege Tower – Hide units inside the tower and help them scale your opponents walls.

Sudden Death Game Mode Be prepared to defend your town center in this new game mode.

The new async model (the impl is still async) would have been better, so one could use the continuations or async/await, but I’ll tackle that in another project.

To really start digging into the Metro style apps in C , I wanted to make a simple component.

Currently, there are two ways of making generic HTTP calls from C in a Metro application.

Malians – Follow in the footsteps of the great Mansa Musa and become the greatest king of Western Africa.

Ethiopians – Relive the glory of the once mighty Aksumite empire and rule over the Red Sea.

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