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With dynamic packaging all, you need is to create an asset that contains a set of adaptive bitrate MP4 or Smooth Streaming files. You should copy the /asset-containerguid/*file to your server (or create your own key file) and then delete the *file from the asset container. Media Packager_MP4To and Media Packager_Smooth To are defined in Task Preset for Azure Media Packager and Media Encryptor_Play Ready is defined in the Task Preset for Azure Media Encryptor article.

Then, based on the specified format in the manifest or fragment request, the On-Demand Streaming server ensures that your users receive the stream in the protocol they have chosen. The example in this section encodes a mezzanine file (in this case MP4) into multibitrate MP4 files and then packages MP4s into Smooth Streaming.

Note The end of life date for Microsoft Azure Media Packager and Microsoft Azure Media Encryptor has been extended to March 1, 2017.

Before that date, the functionalities of these processors will be added to Media Encoder Standard (MES).

The process of placing encoded media into a container is called packaging. If you decide to use dynamic encryption, see Using AES-128 Dynamic Encryption and Key Delivery Service. Media Services now provides a service for delivering Microsoft Play Ready licenses.

For example, you can take an MP4 file and convert it into Smooth Streaming or HLS content by using the Azure Media Packager. Note In order to convert your content into HLS, you must first convert/encode your content into Smooth Streaming. The example in this article shows how to configure the Media Services Play Ready license delivery service (see the Configure License Delivery Service method defined in the code below).

Media Services supports dynamic and static packaging. Also, for the HLS to get encrypted with AES make sure to set the following properties in your Media Packager_Smooth To file: set the encrypt property to true, set the key value, and the keyuri value to point to your authentication\authorization server. Make sure to update the following code to point to the folder where your input MP4 file is located.

If the validation task fails, the job that was processing the task completes with an error. It then packages MP4s into Smooth Streaming and then encrypts Smooth Streaming with Play Ready. You can find the definition for these files in the Task Preset for Azure Media Packager article. However, validation is only one use for MVDXML; the higher-level nature of MVDXML enables many other uses as follows.Software applications may make use of MVDXML either statically (designed to support a particular model view), or dynamically (designed to support any model view).It may be encoded as XML (markup language commonly used for document-related data) or SPF (STEP Physical File commonly used for engineering-related data).The resulting data encoding may reside in a file or as part of Internet communication between desktop computers, servers, and mobile devices.

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