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Who is barry bonds dating

Bell is also expected to say Bonds told her about his steroid use and suffered from steroid-fueled rages.Her testimony will likely be subject to vigorous cross-examination from the attorneys defending Bonds from charges that he lied to a grand jury investigating the BALCO doping ring in 2003 when he said he didn't use steroids or human growth hormone.Bonds has pleaded not guilty to four charges of lying to a grand jury in 2003 when he denied knowingly taking steroids and one count of obstruction.Parrella started the day by saying Bonds lied to the grand jury even though the government promised not to prosecute him for drug use if he testified truthfully.But Bonds had also become obsessed with cycling, which can whittle middle-aged bodies into the contours of youth.He had turned to the sport at the urging of his battered knees, entering a world where he ranks as ordinary, except for his past and his Olympian girlfriend.Five men, including BALCO’s founder Victor Conte and Bonds’ personal trainer Greg Anderson, pleaded guilty to steroids distribution after a 2003 government raid on BALCO.On Tuesday, Parrella displayed a photograph taken from a magazine of Bonds, Conte and Anderson and called the trio the ”Three Musketeers of BALCO,” drawing an objection from Ruby.

”That’s all, but he couldn’t do it.” Parrella tried to show a deep connection between Bonds and the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, known as BALCO, the Burlingame company at the center of an international sports doping ring that the grand jury was investigating.

Ruby, Bonds’ lead attorney, countered by trying to discredit some of the government witnesses scheduled to testify during a trial that is expected to last between two and four weeks.

He said at least two prosecution witnesses have axes to grind because of bitter fallouts with the man who hit 762 career home runs, a Major League Baseball record.

SAN FRANCISCO - Kimberly Bell, a former mistress of Barry Bonds, is expected to take the witness stand in the slugger's perjury trial Monday and give graphic testimony about changes she observed in the slugger's body at the peak of his home run prowess.

The government's pre-trial filings say that Bell, who posed nude for Playboy in November 2007, will testify that beginning in 2000 she observed Bonds with "bloating, acne on the shoulders and back, hair loss and testicle shrinkage" - all documented side-effects of steroid abuse.

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For those who did, he obliged autograph and photo requests before and after the banquet.

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