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He is best known for his work under the alias Plastikman and for his ENTER. Hawtin is known for DJing techno sets making use of laptop computers and digital mixing equipment.

In May 1990 Hawtin and fellow second-waver John Acquaviva founded the Plus 8 record label, which they named after their turntable's pitch adjust function.

He began to DJ in clubs in Detroit at 17, and his early style was a mix of house music and techno.

whose Approach and Identify 12" is closely associated with the origins of the IDM subgenre.

In June 2011 Hawtin worked with Anish Kapoor on an installation in the Grand Palais in Paris.

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and at the age of nine moved to La Salle, Ontario, a suburb of Windsor, Ontario.

His father worked as a robotics technician at General Motors and was a fan of electronic music, introducing his son to Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream at an early age.

In November 2013 Hawtin performed as Plastikman at the Solomon R. This performance inspired him to finish a new Plastikman LP. In its first week it reached the top 20 in the UK dance album charts.

"It put me back in the studio and inspired me enough to work on new material, and in five days I created a new album", he said. DJ Awards organizes the annual electronic music DJ awards event.

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